Entry Form WorldStar 2016

Entry Form WorldStar 2016 (Please use typed letters in English)


First name                                                            

□ Mr.     □Mrs.    □ Ms.

Last name                                                           


Job Title                                                            








Work TelephoneNo.                                                   


Website URL                                                         


Where did you hear about the Awards?

□ WPO Website          □ Entered last year            □ Srarpack website

□ Industry Magazine      □ Word of mouth              □ Flyer in post

□ The Drinks Report       □ Other website              □Other

□ Tutor

My type of pack is: □ Consumer      □ Retail      □ Transport     □ Other

Select only one of the following product categories:

□Beverages     □Electronics                 □Food        □Health and Beauty

□Household     □Medical and Pharmaceutical   □Other


Pack Name(Please choose carefully as this will be used for ALL promotions,

certificates etc):                                                                                           


Name of the competition which the pack has

been recognized in:                                                                         

Year of competition:      □ 2015      □ 2016  

Do you wish your pack to be put forward for the Sustainability Award?  □ Yes   □ No

Do you wish your pack to be put forward for the Saves Food Packaging Award?  □ Yes   □ No

Do you wish your pack to be put forward for the Marketing Award?  □ Yes   □ No



Please specify clearly why your pack is a winner (max 50 words).





Additional supporting words (max 50 words)





Marketing version (maximum 450 characters). If your package is awarded a WorldStar, this text will be used publicly in connection to the WorldStar competition.


Packaging that Saves Food  (节约食物奖)

Pack Name作品名称

 (Please choose carefully as this will be used for

ALL promotions,certificates etc):                                                                     

1The packaging solution has shown to reduce food losses or food waste in a relevant amount.

 (Max 50 words) 在数量上可以体现减少食物损失或浪费的包装解决方案(50词以内)



2Appropriateness, adequacy, convenience. (Max 50 words)




3Innovative but feasible. (Max 50 words) 体现可行的创新性(50词以内)



4Sustainability. (Max 50 words) 体现可持续性(50词以内)



5Communicates to consumers that the package is saving food or reducing food losses/food Waste.  (Max 50 words)




6Benefit to Society/Community. (Max 50 words) 对社会有何益处(50词以内)




Sustainability Award  (可持续奖)

Pack Name 作品名称

(ensure you enter the exact name as when you entered into your chosen category):



1、SOCIAL: Benefit to Society (maximum 50 words) 对社会有何益处(50词以内)



2、MATERIAL: Responsible raw materials sourcing, including materials from renewable resources (maximum 50 words)




3、SOURCE REDUCTION: weight reduction when compared to the previous package or to general packs in its class (max 50 words)




4、ENERGY: Optimization during transportation, storage and use (50 words)




5、RECOVERY: Re-usability, recyclability, recoverability, post-consumer material recycling, ease of disposal (max 50 words)





Marketing Award  (销售奖)

Pack Name作品名称

(Please choose carefully as this will be used for ALL promotions, certificates etc):       



My type of pack is: □ Consumer       □ Retail        □ Transport      □ Other

                                 销售包装         零售展示包装  运输包装        其他

1、Explain what makes your pack stand out from the rest, the point of difference that gives it a marketing edge encouraging purchase. (Max 150 words)









2Please provide 1 or 2 images (resolution minimum 300 dpi and ideally 6cm height x 3cm width) Maximum combined file size is 2 MB.请提供1-2张分辨率在300dpi,6cm长x 3cm宽,并且文件总大小要小于2MB的图片。

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